Big surprises before Christmas kept us thrilled, log4j!
During the 1st quarter of the Year we had a lot of research on this thread and we could proove our ML based detector was able to identify all vulnerabilities in a huge critical infrastructure IoT ecosystem.

Right after launching our research paper we had over 1.000 downloads of the paper within days, wow! That was a huge success to our team and we’re proud of it.

So we strongly moved on in our way to developing our very 1st anomaly detector and started a new partnership with University of applied science Bonn-Rhein Sieg

Kick starting our software development center!

Now we are opening some new positions in software development and are working heavily on our DevSecMLOps capabilities, stay tuned, it will be awesome

New year, new challenges!
In addition to the further development of the company and the ongoing recruitment of new talents and specialists, we will be taking down our tents on the Lower Rhine in the spring and venturing into the big city:

Welcome to Cologne!

At our new location – in the heart of the cathedral city – we will create the best opportunities for a growing team to have enough space where it is really a pleasure to work. So we are especially looking forward to visitors!

Why don’t you come by for a drink of water, a cup of tea or a coffee and get to know us?

Stay tuned for the news on our office move!



We also had problems with the unexpected SARS-CoV-2 pandemic
(severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus type 2).
All work processes and especially the planning of presence were more challenging than expected.
Protecting the health of our employees, their families and, last but not least, our customers had absolute priority.
In retrospect, we can say that although this pandemic caused us some headaches in terms of scheduling, in the end we were able to make optimal use of the digitalised processes to be available for our customers. From a business point of view, the past year 2020 was a great success!

First and foremost, we would like to thank our customers for the trust they have placed in us and especially our employees – it was a great team effort!

All the more reason for us to look forward to continuing this success story in 2021.

Late in 2019 the time had come, we went to the notary, company formation!
Now it was official, we founded a new company and start a new journey towards the future.
The new company was established at the old XSTeam headquarters and we set out to develop our concept.

Hello world!