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Together we can accomplish any challange! Better! If you also work in a solution-oriented way and complex challenges are not a reason for resignation for you, but rather motivate you so that you want to master them piece by piece, then we would be happy to get to know you. To make it easier for you to get started and to help you find your way around, we have mapped out our teams here. You can’t decide yet? Then take your chance and send us your application documents and your ideas and goals.
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Automation Engineering

At ndaal, we understand the role of automation engineering as a core technical competence to be able to develop existing IT service landscapes either as part of a transformation towards a cloud native environment or simply to establish a greenfield environment based on cloud technology, independent of vendors, and proprietary technology.

The main focus area is to establish a whole automation stack to manage components from bare-metal hardware up to complexe application sets. Mainly your focus is on XaaS solutions, like in SDN or IaaC (Infrastructure as a Code) scenarios. So software defined services become the dominant methodology to distribute IT services. Automation to us is just half of the story, as the most important aspect is security by design, we strongly suggest using defence in depth alongside with zero-trust and least-privileged access principals to create service automation
In this area, we work together interdisciplinarily in a Dev-Sec-Ops model. This operating model enables us to quickly implement newly learned contexts, techniques or architectural requirements and to develop them further together. Welcome to Team Cloud, we manage and develop services for secure and compliant  IT-services. Most of our services are built based on open-source technology projects, in addition we also integrate 3rd party tools if this is needed.

Data Science

At ndaal we believe in the data science and therefore we invest into AI as a core solution to accomplish complex challanges in regard to any kind of data. We want to unleash the power of data and therefore turn raw data in valuable insights that any organization needs to compete in global competition

data science at ndaal is based on building efficient and resilient solutions which we can use in a wide area of business interests to increase our capabilities in automation, like for the field of documentation automation NLP or in the area of information security DL where we use artificial neural networks to detect and identify anomalies in a distributed way in an (un-)supervised or self-supervised learning model

Interdisciplinary work is also favoured here in order to operate a DevSecMLOps model. Here we use our knowledge in the area of DevSecOps and expand this with the special discipline of MLOps.

Software Development

Everything as a code may sound strange, but having a closer look into the latest technologies used in IT industry, functionality is being put off the hardware devices and re-baked into software, to us this means we not just need to write an app to control a function based on hardware, instead we define and distribute the functionality out of the software itself and distribute it over the hardware layer

New challange means alos new opportunities, If you want to get rid of old answers to new challanges, then we’re happy to see you attending ndaal’s development team, we support our internal automation and data teams with best in quality solutions. We use open source technology and a wide range of valuable languages, like python to be superseeded by Julia, GoLang, Rust to replace any C++ and other old crocodiles
We love GitOps, GitLab, amongst others. We Deliver Meta-API solutions to manage multiple automations solutions and manage really big IT-service landscapes up to hyperscaler grade sizes, with the goal to never patch your software, but re-deploy it based on a canary-deployment strategy as a fully meshed blue-green approach.