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We know what it is to defend IT-information security and corporate IT-Compliance. We work with people, for people and with the full respect to compliance and data privacy. Feel free to contact for more details!


It all starts by building the holistic overview on internal & external requirements towards IT services and processes and a comparison to the as-is.


Defining the way to a new business model, starts with the to-be target. Creating a future mode of operations and building a map to start the journey.


All our efforts are focused on ensuring that our clients are fully compliant with the requirements of the law, regulations and the Corporate Governance Code.

Why You Can Trust ndaal, Our Values

We value quality, honesty and time. We are always at your service as we are in charge of your success. Any aspect relevant to the programme will be evaluated as it can be essential for your success.

During our work we gathered a team of devoted experts with rich experience in IT compliance. We put a great emphasis on business, because in today’s rapidly-changing environment, people require assistance in business spheres. Our experience allows us to be confident and stand by our words.

Our company was established in 2019. We just started as a small consultancy. Although being a new kid on the block, we already have proved our competence and have many satisfied clients, as anyone of us has his own field experiences. We plan to expand our activity and start providing many other IT services to meet wider clients needs.assignment

We’re proud that our small business is able to offer top-notch IT services for a nationwide affordable.

– Carsten Dingendahl
Uniquely create competitive e-markets for backward-compatible technologies. Authoritatively morph efficient networks via bleeding-edge results. Completely drive 24/365 e-markets via quality e-business. Progressively plagiarize enterprise strategic theme areas with ubiquitous sources. Enthusiastically drive team driven processes rather than e-tailers.
Conveniently maximize standardized web-readiness without integrated products. Competently productivate fully researched results via empowered e-commerce. Quickly repurpose cross-unit methodologies for leading-edge materials. Monotonectally enhance team driven human capital whereas worldwide.
IT-Information security

Our Practice Areas

Management Consulting

We provide bridging services for information and knowledge transfer. With the varied experience cross-market outside the client company, we can deliver relevant value for our clients. Helping clients to become a leading business with qualified IT management.

Business Consulting

We provide expert advice to the line of business of our clients, with a clear focus on bridging the gap between internal business knowledge and our external expertises on IT. Helping the client to move fast forward with resilient and effiecient IT service packages.


We help on the clear identification of relevant aspects, needed to move client services and data into a cloud driven IT-ecosystems. Hereby a clear cloud brokerage is to be established to guide the client's business lines [North-South] and a qualified governance [East-West].

Information Security

IT Information Security is a cross disciplinary activity about mitigation of risks. Basic principals are the achievements of keeping confidentiality, integrity and availability of information and the non-repudiation for information transaction.

Data Privacy

We help customers to identify cornerstones of data privacy, such as the consent in data sharing with third parties, or the collection and storing of data in context of general regulations like GDPR or on specific regulations like HIPAA or PCIDSS.

Digital Transformation

As a business the digital transformation is a multidimensional long term migration. We help clients re-architect business workflows and establish digital services and processes, based on an end-to-end automated digital infrastructure.



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