I am Ayesha Shafqat, a cybersecurity professional with six years of experience specializing in software development, data management and security. My journey began with a bachelor’s project on secure communication, followed by an internship in smart card solutions security. I then delved into telecommunications operations with a Norwegian firm, gaining
global networking exposure. My master’s studies at RWTH Aachen University furthered my expertise, culminating in a data science-driven project presented at the 21st International Radar Symposium in 2020. Transitioning into a Python developer role in the defense industry, I honed my software development skills. This marked a pivotal moment in my career since it introduced me to the management of extensive volumes of sensitive customer data. This experience also further refined my data analytics and visualization abilities, particularly in creating real-time interactive plots on devices running Windows operating systems. As a Data Scientist and DevSecOps Automation Engineer at ndaal, I have the privilege of integrating my expertise in software development, networking, automation, and data science with an unyielding commitment to safeguarding customer data. Not only did I dive deeper into security compliance at ndaal, but my role extends beyond a single operating system; I actively develop solutions for various flavors of Linux, further enhancing my experience. I stand out for seamlessly combining technical expertise with meticulous attention to detail. Transitioning from a Python developer to my current role has given me a deep understanding of both software development and security protocols. This dual perspective enables me to create solutions that are not only effective, but also inherently secure.

Automation is my passion, and I extend a virtual high-five to fellow automation enthusiasts! It permeates every aspect of my professional and personal life. Whether it’s streamlining data processes or fortifying workflows, I find immense satisfaction in crafting efficient, resilient, and secure solutions. In this domain, Ansible, Pulumi, Terraform, and Jenkins are undisputedly my best friends. With the support of vPierre, I’ve recently ventured into contributing to the open-source community with my Ansible roles. I also
exhibit a deep affinity for robust testing frameworks, integrating testinfra within molecule tests and leveraging podman containers for virtualization.

I relish orchestrating CI/CD pipelines and seamlessly integrating security solutions within the MLOps and DevSecOps cycles, tailored to diverse client needs. In DevSecOps, I leverage both AWS and Azure, each offering a suite of services for scalable, secure cloud operations and seamless integration with robust compliance management tools.
As an accomplished professional in DevSecOps and MLOps engineering, my forte lies in seamlessly integrating security measures within DevOps pipelines, safeguarding every stage of development. I excel in automating security checks, conducting vulnerability assessments, and upholding compliance standards, all while ensuring agile and efficient software delivery. Simultaneously, my adeptness in Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) equips me to streamline the deployment, monitoring, and management of machine learning models in production. This involves close collaboration with data scientists and machine learning engineers, ensuring seamless integration into the broader application ecosystem for both in-house projects at ndaal, as well as clientele projects across diverse industries.

Beyond Work:
• I am a strong advocate for mental health and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.
• I practice yoga, meditation, and often find peace in nature walks.
• I have a keen interest in crime investigations and mysteries, which complements my fascination with cybersecurity.
• Personally, I find great solace in activities like painting, sketching, and interior decoration. Additionally, I truly relish exploring diverse culinary experiences.
• I hold a deep love for water-related activities, as they provide a serene escape from the demands of daily life.