In the digital era, safeguarding sensitive information is paramount. ndaal’s ruleset for detecting secrets brings you the ultimate solution to fortify your
code repositories and beyond. Here’s why you need Gitleaks with ndaal’s ruleset:

✨ Comprehensive Secret Scanning:

ndaal’s ruleset with Gitleaks is your vigilant guardian, meticulously scanning your repositories and various data sources for potential security threats. We leave no stone unturned, ensuring the highest level of protection for your valuable assets.

πŸš€ Enriched Secret Detection Ruleset:

Experience unparalleled detection capabilities with Gitleaks enriched by ndaal’s ruleset. Boasting a detection rate of over 80%, our ruleset minimizes false negatives under 0,5%, offering you a reliable shield against secret exposures. Your code is in safe hands with this combination.

πŸ› οΈ Fully Customizable Defenses:

Adapt to your unique security needs with Gitleaks fully customizable defenses. Tailor the ruleset to align with your organization’s policies and stay one step ahead of potential threats. The experience of ndaal puts you in control.

πŸ” Bulletproof Security:

Trust in the robustness of security measures for secrets. We prioritize your protection with a bulletproof infrastructure, shielding your secrets from unauthorized access. Our commitment to security is unwavering, ensuring your peace of mind.

🧠 Memory-Safe Technology:

Gitleaks employs cutting-edge, memory-safe technology to eliminate vulnerabilities. Say goodbye to memory-related exploits and welcome a new eraΒ  of secure coding practices. Your secrets deserve the best, and we deliver it.

πŸ’² Subscription Price Model:

Unlock the full potential of Gitleaks with our flexible subscription pricing model. Choose the plan that suits your needs and budget, ensuring that top-tier security is accessible to everyone. Don’t let your secrets slip through the cracks. Choose ndaal’s ruleset and fortify your code, repositories, and organization against potential security risks. Embrace a new standard of security using Gitleaks with ndaal’s customized ruleset β€” because your secrets deserve the best protection! πŸ”βœ¨

πŸ› οΈ Seamless CI/CD Integration with Open Source Flexibility:

Enhance your development workflow with the combination of Gitleaks and ndaal’s ruleset β€” an open-source solution that seamlessly integrates into popular CI/CD pipelines like Jenkins, GitHub Actions, and GitLab CI. Gitleaks is not just a tool; it’s a community-driven initiative to fortify your code against secrets’ leaks.

πŸ”— Jenkins Integration:

Gitleaks with ndaal’s ruleset plays well with Jenkins, offering an open-source solution for secrets detection in your pipeline. Elevate your Jenkins CI with
robust security checks, providing you with the flexibility to customize and contribute to an ever-evolving open-source project.

πŸš€ GitHub and GitLab CI Compatibility:

ndaal is your partner in securing GitHub Actions and GitLab CI. Leverage the power of an open-source community dedicated to create a comprehensive, customizable, and open solution for secret scanning across your repositories.

πŸ”„ Automated Scans and Alerts:

Enjoy the benefits of automated scans and real-time alerts directly within your CI/CD environment, all powered by Gitleaks used in combination with ndaal’s ruleset open-source spirit. Detect potential threats early and contribute to an open-source project that thrives on community collaboration.

🌐 Cloud-Native Security with Open Source Freedom:

ndaal embraces the cloud-native era with open arms. Whether your workflows are on-premises or in the cloud, Gitleaks together with ndaal’s ruleset provides
you with the freedom to customize and extend the solution based on your unique security needs due to its open-source nature.

πŸ” Continuous Protection, Continuous Open Source Collaboration:

Combining Gitleaks with ndaal’s ruleset seamlessly integrates into your CI/CD pipeline, offering continuous protection with open-source collaboration at its core. Contribute to an active community that believes in making security accessible to all developers without compromising speed.

Choose GitLeaks with ndaal’s ruleset for an open-source security solution that effortlessly integrates into your CI/CD pipelines. Secure your secrets with the flexibility and freedom of open source, ensuring that security remains inclusive and collaborative. πŸ”πŸš€